Sunday, October 14, 2012


Think are we free? Are we independent? I think still NOT.

We are not free from the biasness. We are not free from the paradox of duty first or rights first. We are not free from the feeling of insecurity when we are on right path. We are not free from the feeling of being ridiculed if we talk about ethics and and morality. We are not free from the compulsion of seeing everything from the angle of Caste, creed, regionalism, party and religion. We are still not free from the lure of getting things easy even by compromising. We are not still free from the fear of being alone if we talk about DUTY FIRST RIGHTS LATER. We are really not free even today from the saying YES to the point which we don't agree because someone influential says so. We are still not free from the idea that why other person is not doing his duty without seeing whether we are doing our duty.

LETS BREAK FREE. . . . . . . . . . . .


(these thoughts were written by me on 15th August in my personal notes which i have uploaded in blog today) 

Guardian officers for panchayats

The East Midnapore administration has decided to appoint “guardian officers” for the district’s 223 gram panchayats to monitor central schemes and the performance of the rural bodies.
The guardian officers — those of the ranks of additional district magistrates, subdivisional officers, deputy magistrates and block development officers — will also guide panchayat employees on how to address problems and handle complaints of tardy implementation of schemes.
District magistrate (DM) Parwez Ahmed Siddiqui said he had last month visited several panchayat offices in 20 of East Midnapore’s 25 blocks. “I found that the employees were unable to solve problems. I also found that some panchayats were not implementing central schemes. As a result, the people are being deprived of facilities. So we decided to appoint guardian officers to monitor the performance of the panchayats. These officers will help the panchayats function better,” he said.
District officials said Siddiqui sent his subordinates to the panchayats that he could not visit.
Sources said there were complaints of tardy implementation of schemes against several panchayats.
Sixty officers have been appointed for the job. “Each officer will take the responsibility of at least four panchayats. The officers will have to visit the panchayats at least twice a month,” the DM said.
He said FIRs would be lodged against panchayats against whom there were complaints of corruption.
“We will lodge FIRs against some panchayats in order to take action against corrupt practices. The purpose behind appointing guardian officers is not to catch corruption but to prevent it. These officers will help the panchayats better their overall performance and ensure that the central schemes are properly implemented,” Siddiqui said.
Panchayat minister Subrata Mukherjee lauded the district administration’s initiative. “East Midnapore is the first district to take the step of appointing guardian officers. If the move becomes successful, other districts will follow the model,” he said.
The district officials said the guardian officers would start functioning by this month-end.
An official said the Bolluk-II gram panchayat performed poorly in providing work under the job-guarantee scheme because it failed to draw up road construction, pond-digging and social forestry projects. He said the Patashpur panchayat did not send the list of beneficiaries of the Indira Awaas Yojona to the block development officer on time.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


The new year has again visited us. This time 2011. again we were thinking since last a month or so ...what to do..where to celebrate..with whom..etc. etc. some new year resolutions...some new commitments....

But unfortunately nothing could materialise.... the 31st ended like any other normal day..meeting and discussions with officers till 8 PM. I slept even before it was 11.30 pm.
On 1st january got up little earlier than normal and was thinking and talking to self... what great I did in last year and what is my action plan for next year...? I just came to one conclusion that this service ( IAS) is greatest probabaly... of course not because I belong to it ...but because It gave me emmense opportunities and scope to do something for the humanity, society and ofcourse poor and deprived. I felt satisfied that my efforts to do something in implementing the government schemes for the poor and society had been efforts in right direction. I am proud that when everybody else says..." government mein juch naya nahi ho sakta hai..kuch khas result nahi milega..." I felt that we did quite a bit due to fantastic job done by BDOs and his team, SDOs, other Deputy Magistrates and some district level officers and of course my team of ADMs on a sustained basis... and we are again committed to repeat it. I thought just what we dis last year.... something more to improve efficiency, quality, quantity, priority and target would be our PLAN of ACTION for next year. Best wishes.